Thursday, September 29, 2011

Advice From Haas

1. If you love someone make sure they know it
2. Don't take things for granted
3. Live your life to the fullest
4. Enjoy the great days and try to be positive during the bad days
5. Spend as much time with your family and friends as you can - life is not meant to be lived alone
6. Always be polite - Chivalry is not dead
7. Speak Up - Tell people when things bother you, tell people when things make you happy
8. Laugh uncontrollably
9. Nothing can't be done - strive for the impossible
10. Nobody is perfect so show your imperfections because that is what makes you an individual

Sometimes I don't always follow my advice but here are some things I try to live by. Life is too short to not live to the fullest - I hope you enjoy.



  1. Hi David-
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  3. For more great advice from David on cancer support groups, check out his guest author post on Dr. Yoo's Colorectal blog!

  4. Amen to this true about life never take it too short for u dont know when it will end..Hugs Kitty aka Sunshines Creationz

  5. Hi David-I can so relate to your list of tips. As a cancer survivor I try to live this way. Great stuff! Thx for the uplift :-)

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    Mike Metzler

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  10. I agree!! Thank you always for your input!!!

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