Friday, August 12, 2011

Warrior Dash

Tomorrow is the day. I will be running in the warrior dash with a few close friends and hopefully making it  all the way through in a good time. Despite my Lack of running in about a good year (being lazy) I still think I am in good enough shape to keep up with some good runners. This is mostly because of all the recreation sports I participate in.

If you don't know what the warrior dash is, it is a 5K race up a mountain through obstacles such as mud pits, monkey bars, and navigating through essentially a junkyard of cars and tires. Hopefully I can find the warrior in me and run this race with some dignity. Through this post I would like to give a shout out to the real warriors of this country. There are two groups in particular whom I believe are true warriors. The first group of people are the soldiers of our country who protect our freedoms that we some times take for granted. Try to make a conscious effort to embrace and honor the freedoms we have.  The next group of people who I believe are true warriors are those who have been diagnosed with cancer and have to go through cancer treatments. These people endure so much struggle and pain.

Here is to the real warriors of the world.



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  2. What a great thought.
    I really appreciate your perspective.
    John Chappelear

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